About Linda Jordan

Linda Jordan writes surprising characters, funny dialogue and imaginative science fiction and fantasy worlds. She creates novels and short fiction, serious and silly. Her main themes revolve around healing and transformation.

She’s fascinated by nature’s peculiarities, mythology and spirituality, what makes humans (and aliens) tick, political systems and the creation of music and art. She loves including all this and more in her stories.

In another lifetime, Linda coordinated the Clarion West Writers Workshop as well as the Reading Series for two years. She also spent four years as Chair of the Board of Directors during Clarion West’s formative period. She’s worked many other jobs, more than she cares to count. Eventually, she fled the city to live out among the tall cedars.

She lives in the rainy wilds of Washington state with her husband, daughter, four cats, eighteen Koi and an infinite number of slugs and snails.

You can visit her website at: http://www.lindajordan.net



Horticultural Homicide: Gina Wetherby loves her retirement work, painting botanical art. She lives in a small, cozy house looking down on Puget Sound. Her life feels just right.

Until she goes to nearby Ravenswood Nursery to paint.

Where her life gets turned inside out.

Fans of cozy mysteries must read this beguiling whodunit filled with mysterious plants, cats of a certain personality, and the complexities of the gardening world.

Faerie Descent: Faerie battles an onslaught of Fomorian offspring, while the original Fomorians remain locked in a vault just outside the palace. Things do not look good for the Fae.

Dylan watches the Luminary fail to keep control. Something must change.

Otherwise, the Fae must give up Faerie, and possibly humankind, to the Fomorians.

Bursting with wild vision, ‘Faerie Descent’ spirits us away to an irresistible world and immerses us entirely.

Faerie Contact: Faeries’ next hurdle is to let humans know they’re not alone. The sylph, Skye, goes to Glastonbury as an ambassador. She must pass as human to gain their trust. Just as she’s beginning her work a strange being who can threaten Faerie’s existence appears. Will she and her friends be able to thwart its plan? Faerie is falling. Will they take our world down with them? The Bones of the Earth Series: Book 2

Faerie Unraveled: Fae secretly walk our world. Passing as mortal to guide and teach us.

Suddenly, those Fae disappear.

Someone or Something hunts them.

Lovers of mythic storytelling must read this wildly unconventional series which straddles the human world and Faerie.

The Bones of the Earth Series: Book 1

Notes on the Moon People: Invisible people exist.

Nearing retirement, Penelope Mason works at the library, mending books. No one notices her. No one talks to her.

Except today. To tell her about the library budget cuts. Either she, or the other district conservator, loses their job.

Penelope knows how this story ends.

Then suddenly, everything shifts and her world vanishes.

A coming of age fantasy for late bloomers that blows a breath of fresh wind through the genre.

Falling Into Flight: Caer burns to dance. Not just any dancing, air dancing. Flying ballet. The first to be born with wings. Real wings.

White wings. Huge to help her pivot, swoop and stop within a feather’s distance of touching another dancer.

The other dancers’ wings come from surgeries and drugs. They suffer for their wings.

Her wings knitted to her shoulders, bone to bone, muscle to muscle. As integral to her as eyes or fingers.

A fearlessly imagined vision of a future world.

Living in the Lower Chakras: Lily is completely obsessed with Sean Sexiest Man of the Year O’Neill. They go on a date from hell and swear never to see each other again. Out of nowhere, a child appears in Lily’s life. And another. And another. Sean understands the strange appearances, but Lily is mystified and terrified someone will discover her secret. Can he win over the woman who hates him before she’s swallowed up by kids? A romantic comedy about obsession, magic and destiny or what happens when you get what you really want.

Infected by Magic: She stomped down Fifteenth Ave. Her fists clenched, sweat making the T-shirt stick, but she kept going, her Docs pounding the sidewalk.

Rage pooled in the shadows of huge trees.

Angela hated her life, her parents, the world. Ever since she shot her brother in a hunting accident and killed him. Her parents divorced, Dad stopped talking to her.

Going to Hell felt easy.

A mythical coming of age story set in the Underworld. For the teen in all of us.

The Jeweled Worlds Omnibus: Three young women come into their own magic, each in a different Jeweled World and they struggle to protect the separate worlds against the same predator, a deranged sorceress. Includes the novels: The Black Opal, The Enigmatic Pearl and The Flaming Ruby in one volume. Also the short fiction: Adrift, Journey Into Darkness and Flames of Freedom, set in each of the worlds.

The Black Opal: Mira walks through Mom’s neighborhood on the island, sun streaming through the thick fog of Puget Sound. The lilacs smell heavenly and the morning feels glorious. Almost.

Mira just got kicked out of her mentor’s house. For being incompetent. A magical failure.

She watches her sister’s soul get snatched by two gruesome black dogs the size of bears. Her sister, taken by a massive golden eagle, tops off the morning. Mira must act.

A coming of age fantasy set in a darkly magical world. The land of the Black Opal leaves you enthralled and enchanted.

The Enigmatic Pearl: Amanda must track down and kill Nakia, the sorceress who murdered Amanda’s young son. What she doesn’t count on is the transformative powers of the Enigmatic Pearl. Will revenge triumph? The Jeweled Worlds: Book 2

The Flaming Ruby: Telea hunts the sorceress and finds herself deep in the desert of the Flaming Ruby. The tumultuous world is renewing itself. Telea must choose how she wants to change and find her place in the Jeweled Worlds. The Jeweled Worlds: Book 3


Stories of the Jeweled Worlds – Stories bursting with wild visions from the three Jeweled Worlds. Three very different young women from very different magical places, woodland, water worlds and desert. Follow them as they refine their magic and learn how to find their place amidst the chaos of change. Includes: Adrift, Journey Into Darkness, and Flames of Freedom.

Garden Magic – Four stories of very different gardens, the magic and magical creatures that exist within each one, and the people who are changed by their encounters.
Includes: Conquering the Monsters, A Rose for Remembrance, Scheduled Disappearances, and A Little Help from Friends. The Garden ~ where anything is possible . . .

Christmas Magic – Four stories of hope and healing to light up the darkness of winter. A daughter trying to cope with her father’s illness, a man dealing with his broken heart and money struggles, an older woman suddenly alone and an Amore who’s stuck until she can discover how to grow. Includes the stories: The Christmas Mug, Sexy Santa, Marta and the Christmas Cat, and Stuck.

Aboard the Universe – What if you could go on a cruise ship in space? Sailing through the multiverse in style. With a crew of aliens and humans, a cabin that accommodated your every need. Shore excursions on exotic planets. Fellow passengers from across the spectrum of sentient organisms. You could even live on the ship permanently if you wanted.That’s the Universe. Where it’s always fun and glamorous.Unless you’re the crew. Trying to keep every demanding life form happy. There’s always a crisis brewing. The stories range from light and fluffy comedy to a wrestling match with profound questions.Includes the stories: ‘The Memory of Water’, ‘The Emotions of the Non-Living’, ‘The Greening of the Universe’, ‘The Dilemma of Unrequited Love’ and ‘Ghost Hunting in the Galley’.

Four for Christmas – Four heartwarming Christmas stories to light up the season. Stories filled with magic, crazy decorating and just a little mayhem. Includes: ‘Jokul Frosti’, ‘The Christmas Tree’, ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ and ‘The Best Little Christmas Ever’.

A Halloween Trio – Ghosts, Monsters from the past & Lost Souls in love inhabit this Halloween Collection. Includes the stories ‘Ghostly Promise’, ‘IT’ and ‘All Hallow’s Eve’.

Magic IS – Four fantasy short stories. Magic shows up as art and as a plague. Magic reappears after centuries and from Faerie. It surprises and terrifies. Includes the stories: Bitter Magic, Searching for Faeries, The Shadow, and A Plague of Magic.

Unseen Worlds – Four fantasy short stories – ghosts, spirits, lost souls and even a little romance. Includes: All Hallow’s Eve, Ghostly Promise, Brittle Flames and Alfred Lets Loose.

Paradiso Stories – Paradiso is a colonized planet used by humans for sexual tourism. The surface is a blazing desert. Beneath lie caves bursting with the aphrodisiac sanshay. The main inhabitants are strange humanoids with five genders and three horns. Inside you’ll find just a few of Paradiso’s stories of theft, love, deception and transformation.
Includes: ‘Shifting Sands’, Jake’s Cave’, The Path of Balance’ and ‘Talking to Yama’.
Sandstorms, earthquakes and sanshay. What could possibly go wrong?

Love & the Aliens: Set in Earth’s near future, a group of aliens, called the Unity, have masterminded a peaceful takeover and simultaneously made things better and mucked things up. Stories of love, espionage, art, movies, conspiracies and even a cat or two. Includes the stories ‘Joe’s Milky Way Cafe’, ‘Chocolate is My Destiny’, ‘Long Past Time,’ ‘Unexpected Contact’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Walking Away from the Past’.

Bibi’s Bargain Boutique: Six short stories about magic, new beginnings and healing the past.
Pull up a cozy chair, a cup of tea and enjoy! Includes ‘The Beaded Bag’, ‘The Doc Martens’, ‘The Chandelier’, ‘The Leather Jacket’, ‘The Teapot’ and ‘The Chair’.

Elements – Five Contemporary Fantasy Stories: selkies, faeries and sea monsters. Oh my! These stories revolve around the elements – earth, air, fire and water. Mythical creatures, belly dancers and more weave their way through the lives of those who need them most. Romances found, failed and in between form thread which tangle their lives. Included are: A Breath from Elsewhere, Flight, Smoke & Fire, Sea of Loneliness, and Crossing the Divide.

Elemental – Five Stories for Teens: Five fantasy and science fiction stories for teens involving the elements: earth, air, fire and water plus the wonder and magic entangled in them. A homeless girl in Seattle who creates fire, a daughter of the wind who has no apparent gifts, a goddess in the making, a colony on another world where coming of age requires a deadly test, and a teen forced to unplug from technology. Includes: The Test, Molten Glass, Daughter of the East Wind, The Distance Between, and My Singular Summer.

Short Fiction:

Breath of Life – Marta sets explosives for the Paradiso Mining Company. Paradiso, known for the aphrodisiac Sanshay, sits on the far side from the commonly traveled galaxy.

The oxygen supply on Marta’s suit stops working consistently.

Alone, she needs to get everything set up and get out before the oxygen stops completely. Crappy Paradiso Mining Company Gear.

A heart-warming tale about humanity in an inhuman world.

Vitamins – Golganthea needs to get back to her world with the news. Nearly out of fuel, she must stop at a small backwater planet. She waits, impatiently, while the ship refuels itself. Annoyed at her, the ship requests Golganthea go for a walk. She needs to keep her ship happy at all costs. A dark and irreverent science fiction short.

Flames of Freedom – Amalia’s still grieving over the death of a man she loved when her father decides it’s time she marries. The man who murdered her friend and lied about it. Her options: give in or run. This story set in the world of the Flaming Ruby will appeal to readers who love adventurous fantasy.

Stuck – Bettye needs to transform, from an Amore to the next stage. Whatever that may be. Problem is – she can’t figure out how. Plus it’s Christmas.
What miracle must she perform?

Marta and the Christmas Cat – In the past couple of years Marta has lost her husband, her home and her independence. She’s lonely. And it’s almost Christmas. She doesn’t want to be a burden on her remaining family. How will she find friends to sustain her?

Sexy Santa – Brad’s just had his heart trashed by a gold digging girlfriend. He takes a side job at Christmas to earn some extra money and gets a surprise. Has his heart recovered enough to try again.

The Christmas Mug – Beatrice’s father is dying. She’s been his caregiver for two years. Now she must reorient her life or drown in sorrow. What will it take to turn her around? A Bibi Story.

Conquering the Monsters – Julianna’s just come home to her inheritance, Grandma’s house. To begin a new life amongst all the old pain. To make matters worse, something strange is lurking in the garden. Julianna’s got to prove to herself that she can pull her life together and deal with all the monsters – past and present. A story of hope and new beginnings by the author of Bibi’s Bargain Boutique. A Garden Magic story.

A Rose for Remembrance – Rose is a retired actress. Her life’s a shambles of lost opportunities. She’s called to Seattle when her estranged sister dies and Rose is named heir to the estate. Upon her arrival, Rose discovers her sister had secret upon secret. Each one more unbelievable than the last. Readers of contemporary fantasy who want an upbeat story to read while they sip a cup of tea will enjoy this story. A Garden Magic story.

A Little Help from Friends – Jamie’s on a fast track to create the perfect garden for her friend’s wedding. A garden that will leave the plant geeks gasping with amazement and secure her place as an innovator in garden design. But there’s something or someone in the garden who keeps changing her work. And she’s running out of time.
A Garden Magic story.

Ghost Hunting in the Galley – Howard, a Gassian crew member aboard a space-cruise ship, is up against a crucial deadline for putting together a Halloween entertainment. His hypercritical Mother and both Fathers are passengers on this leg of the trip. His confidence is crumbling. To make matters worse, there are terrorists aboard wreaking havoc. What else could possibly go wrong? An Aboard the Universe story.

Scheduled Disappearances – Lila’s trying to build her landscaping business, please her clients and survive her life. But something is undoing all her work. Will she be able to catch it in the act?
There’s something in the garden and it’s not friendly. When the day can’t get any worse. A Garden Magic story.

Soul Harvest – Trixie’s trying to hold everything together. She’s working full time and taking care of her cancer-stricken sister’s two young children. Then the bloody aliens arrive wreaking havoc everywhere. But what if they’re not here for her?

Journey Into Darkness – Melanthe is destined to be the next Queen. If she survives the passage to adulthood. This is her one chance to experience the world outside the domes at the bottom of the sea. She must make the grueling swim to the surface, then survive on land. Will her magic be strong enough to complete the challenge? A Jeweled Worlds story.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Milena’s alone, broke and working at a soul sucking retail job during the Christmas season. Then she meets Maggie, who has ideas about how to help. But who’s helping whom? A story filled with hope and light for the darkness of winter.

The Christmas Tree – The anniversary of her husband’s death is coming up and Lorna’s desperate for some Christmas cheer. Then she meets Bibi, who has a plan. Will it be enough to turn her life around? A Bibi story.

The Dilemma of Unrequited Love – Aurora’s mutant superpower allows her to know when people lie to her. That’s useful for a therapist. Not so useful when it comes to unrequited love. An Aboard the Universe Story.

The Greening of the Universe – Horticulturalist Una lives a safe life aboard the Universe tending her plants collected from all over the multiverse. A crisis threatens the ship’s food source and Una must decide if she can break out of her cozy life and brave humanity. An Aboard the Universe Story.

The Memory of Water – Eva struggles to create clarity out of chaos in her job as Assistant Cruise Director on the Universe, a spaceship which cruises the multiverse. Humans from differing political and social factions mixed with aliens from all over. Her boss has gone AWOL, someone’s sabotaging the planned schedule of events and even her cabin won’t recognize her. What else could possibly go wrong? An Aboard the Universe Story.

IT – A monstrous creature has hunted her family for generations. Now it’s Rose’s turn. She’s the only thing that stands between IT and her younger siblings. Will she be the one to kill IT? It’s Halloween and the real monsters are out.

P.U.R.R. – Protectors United for Residential Requisition – What power does a tiny kitten have to change the world? More than you think. If cats ever got organized…

The Emotions of the Non-Living – Can an android help us understand what makes us human? Lilith’s traumatic encounter with a mutant stowaway will scar her forever. Or is it a blessing in disguise? An Aboard the Universe Story.

Jokul Frosti – Bitter cold fills the air and Molly meets a man unlike any other. White hair, black leather and eyes the color of a snow filled sky. Is he human? And is he there to help or harm her?
What if winter is really alive?

The Best Little Christmas Ever – Schew and his family are new to Earth and want to celebrate Christmas. But how? And what is Christmas anyway? How can they find the true meaning of Christmas? Ten thousand light strands later…

Ice Dragons – Lissa struggles to fit in at the Parnassus Colony where she was born. She manages only by spending all her time outside in the snow and ice, exploring. What will her discovery of new life mean to the colony and to her own life? Will melting ice reveal her path?

A Plague of Magic – Adeline’s world has fallen apart. A plague forces her into a quarantined section of the city, her father’s dying of cancer and her dream of being an oceanographer has been crushed. Her life is filled with loss. How can she put it all back together again? What if her cursed magic is the way out?

Alfred Lets Loose – Alfred’s dead, but the Eastmont‘s butler doesn’t know it. That is until Mr. Jingles shows him the way. Had he grown too attached to his work?

The Murky Depths – Setnya is a gillie. One of the genetically engineered sea people created by humans before the first world war between land and sea people. Will Setnya’s choices move her people closer or farther from a second war? Whose side is she on?

Brittle Flames – How the Magic was destroyed – Magic haunts her every brushstroke. How can she keep it from becoming real?

Bitter Magic – Sirena was born with her magic. It fueled her art and ruined her life. But it was trying to kill her. Can she defeat the toxic magic before it traps her in a relationship to give birth to its next host? Power can ruin your life.

Ghostly Promise – A Halloween Fantasy Short Story. Janie’s about to lose her ranch and her past. But this Halloween, a ghost comes to visit. Is he here to harm or help her?

All Hallow’s Eve – A Halloween Fantasy/Romance Short Story. Kathy loves Halloween – dressing up, the trick or treater’s costumes, decorations. This year she meets Quillan. Is he the real reason she only feels alive one day a year?

Shifting Sands – Lillian has never had a break in her life. Now she’s been nabbed for buying and selling native artifacts on Paradiso. This time there’s no running away. A Paradiso Story.

Jake’s Cave – New guy at the Paradiso Institute, Jake yearns for a career making archeological finds. Instead he’s trapped in a cave by an earthquake, beset upon by alien creatures and has to deal with a group of angry Paradisians. Will he survive and make it back to the human world? A Paradiso Story.

The Path of Balance – On the sexual tourism planet, Paradiso, Priestess Asmara fights grief that her longtime guest must leave the planet and her body is beginning to age. Will she stay and mature into the honored role of Elder Priestess or leave to start a new life elsewhere in the galaxy? A Paradiso Story.

Talking to Yama – Reilly struggles against the harsh reality that is Paradiso, heat, sandstorms, and the aphrodisiac sanshay, to untangle a web of smuggling, dead miners and power plays. Will she find out who’s hiding the truth before they kill her? A Paradiso Story.

The Shadow – The Shadow destroyed our world and continues to chase down the remaining terrorized humans, engulfing everything in its path. No one knows what it is. Mirage escapes the falling city with the others, but they can’t see her. She’s injured. The Shadow is following close behind. A hopeful Post Apocalyptic read by the author of ‘Falling Into Flight’.

The Desk: Virginia has lived a life filled with major lies. Now, in her 80’s she wants to come clean. Can Bibi help her out? A Bibi Story.

Trust: In Earth’s near future, the Unity, an alliance of aliens, is in power. Gena must keep the human communication system running. The system has other ideas. So does Soukis, an irresistible Catalpan Engineer. Are his ideas part of further takeover or a creative alien idea? And what does he want with her?

Unexpected Contact: Is Bane, the shy, retiring ferny alien from Camassa, a hoarder or an artist? Can love exist between human & aliens? At a garage sale of the future, these & other important questions will be answered.

Walking Away from the Past: Suicide or Murder? Political Espionage? Producers shutting down the film? Aliens, technological breakdowns and more hit Estelle on her last day of doing stunts for her current film. Can she survive it and turn her life around?

Long Past Time: Louisa’s agent persuades her to participate in his Art Tourism Program. At her secluded mountain home aliens arrive from three very different planets to watch her paint. What could go wrong?

Joe’s Milky Way Cafe: Stella waits tables at Joe’s, the hot place to hang for all the alien tourists. She knows just how to handle them until she meets the Senumian. Will she succumb to the chemical attraction or take charge of the situation?

Chocolate is My Destiny: Gwen finds chocolate, alien romance and more than she bargained for in this light science fiction story.

The Chair – Bibi’s spent her life helping others heal. What happens when she’s burnt out and needs help recovering? Who does she turn to in order to re-energize herself and keep helping others? A Bibi Story.

The Teapot – Elena’s life has gone down the tubes. Dumped by her lover, her friends have drifted away and now she’s had to close her business. What must she do to pull her life back together before all is lost? Can a magic teapot help? A Bibi Story.

The Leather Jacket – Margaux’s life is a mess: a controlling boyfriend, a full class load at the University where she can’t decide on a major, and her job cooking at a local cafe. Can a simple leather jacket with a whole lot of mojo make her stronger or will she crumble under the pressure? A Bibi Story.

The Chandelier – It’s Mirabel’s 25th. Anniversary and her husband’s a no show. What will it take to resurrect her failing marriage and does she even want to? It’s time for a decision. A Bibi Story.

The Doc Martens – Devon’s hit bottom and needs to clean up or die. What will it take for her to get her act together and make her life move forward? A Bibi Story.

The Beaded Bag – Trina’s working hard to be a team player in an attempt to avoid getting laid off. She’s decided to go to the dreaded company Halloween party, and finds the perfect costume in a vintage store, along with the perfect bag. But does the bag have plans of its own? A Bibi Story.

Searching for Faeries – Mariel came to Glastonbury to find faeries. Or was she really looking for a new life, one that fit? What she found turned her world upside down. What if you’re not the only one looking?

A Breath from Elsewhere – This world or the other. In Seattle, Megan works hard to make the world better one garden at a time, but it isn’t enough. How does she balance all that she wants, needs and dreams about? A strange man may have the answer.

Flight – Oriana has to make the most heart wrenching choice of her life – stay with her twin in the life she’s always known or fly away and start a new life. How do you leave your soul mate?

Smoke & Fire – Seraphina’s ex trashed her self esteem and her passion for belly dancing plummeted. Her next partner helps her set the world on fire. Sparks fly when the real dancing begins.

Sea of Loneliness – When nothing else will heal you. Sabrina finds a naked man on a deserted beach and gets more than she bargained for.

Crossing the Divide – Sholto’s dead brother left him a job to do. Save the world-once a year by performing a ritual. Problem is – Sholto’s a computer geek who doesn’t believe in the intangible. How can he move past his prejudice to confront the creature who will destroy earth?

The Test – Can you pass a test by failing? In a world where coming of age includes a test of survival, Tali realizes everything she’s learned is wrong. Can she make the necessary changes to survive?

Daughter of the East Wind – A prisoner since birth, Asha escapes her mother, East Wind. While reveling in freedom and discovering the world, she finds her own hidden powers, and her soulmate. Does she have the courage to claim him?

Molten Glass – Fire can’t burn her, but life sure has. Homeless and broke at 18, Ingrid searches for a new life. Will her ability to create fire help or hurt her chances to become a new person?

My Singular Summer – Forced to switch off her technology for the summer, Eleni finds mystery and magic in her grandparent’s garden. But what about love? Can she unplug and still survive?

The Distance Between – Frejya needs to change in order to help the ones she loves. Can she meet the challenge? Can she become the Goddess she is meant to be? Goddesses are made, not born.

Adrift – Her magic dried up, Arien is exiled from her chosen family. She must find her place in the Land of the Black Opal or face a lifetime alone. A Jeweled Worlds story.