Two New Novels Published

Horticultural Homicide:

Gina Wetherby loves her retirement work, painting botanical art. She lives in a small, cozy house looking down on Puget Sound. Her life feels just right.

Until she goes to nearby Ravenswood Nursery to paint.

Where her life gets turned inside out.

Fans of cozy mysteries must read this beguiling whodunit filled with mysterious plants, cats of a certain personality, and the complexities of the gardening world.


Faerie Descent: The Bones of the Earth Series Book 3:

Faerie battles an onslaught of Fomorian offspring, while the original Fomorians remain locked in a vault just outside the palace. Things do not look good for the Fae.

Dylan watches the Luminary fail to keep control. Something must change.

Otherwise, the Fae must give up Faerie, and possibly humankind, to the Fomorians.

Bursting with wild vision, ‘Faerie Descent’ spirits us away to an irresistible world and immerses us entirely.

New Stories Published


Golganthea needs to get back to her world with the news.

Nearly out of fuel, she must stop at a small backwater planet.

She waits, impatiently, while the ship refuels itself. Annoyed at her, the ship requests Golganthea go for a walk. She needs to keep her ship happy at all costs.

A dark and irreverent science fiction short.

Breath of Life:

Marta sets explosives for the Paradiso Mining Company. Paradiso, known for the aphrodisiac Sanshay, sits on the far side from the commonly traveled galaxy.

The oxygen supply on Marta’s suit stops working consistently.

Alone, she needs to get everything set up and get out before the oxygen stops completely. Crappy Paradiso Mining Company Gear.

A heart-warming tale about humanity in an inhuman world.

New Collection Published

We’d like to announce our first published collection of the year:

Stories of the Jeweled Worlds

Stories bursting with wild visions from the three Jeweled Worlds. Three very different young women from very different magical places, woodland, water worlds and desert. Follow them as they refine their magic and learn how to find their place amidst the chaos of change.

Includes: Adrift, Journey Into Darkness, and Flames of Freedom.

It is available at all our normal retailers. The link on the photo will take you to Amazon.

We hope you enjoy it.

New Story Up!

Our first new story of the year is available now.

Flames of Freedom:

Amalia’s still grieving over the death of a man she loved when her father decides it’s time she marries. The man who murdered her friend and lied about it.

Her options: give in or run.

This story set in the world of the Flaming Ruby will appeal to readers who love adventurous fantasy.

This story is set in the same world as the novel, The Flaming Ruby, although decades in the past.


Garden Magic Out!

We have a new collection out. Fantasy in the garden.

Four stories of very different gardens, the magic and magical creatures that exist within each one, and the people who are changed by their encounters.

Includes: Conquering the Monsters, A Rose for Remembrance, Scheduled Disappearances, and A Little Help from Friends
The Garden ~ where anything is possible . . .

New Christmas Collection out!

We have a new bunch of stories out for you to enjoy this Christmas:

Four stories of hope and healing to light up the darkness of winter. A daughter trying to cope with her father’s illness, a man dealing with his broken heart and money struggles, an older woman suddenly alone and an Amore who’s stuck until she can discover how to grow.

Includes the stories: The Christmas Mug, Sexy Santa, Marta and the Christmas Cat, and Stuck.

The Black Opal ~ Free!

The Black Opal:JPEG:850X1314Hi all,

To get everyone in the holiday mood, we’ve decided to give away The Black Opal for free. So follow the links on this page to your favorite vendor:

Hope you enjoy it.

About the book:

Mira burns to control her own magic, but fails. Kicked out by her Aunt and mentor, she has returned home. Just in time to witness two unearthly black dogs steal her twin sister’s soul.

She chases them to another world, accompanied by her young nephew. The land of the Black Opal is a place where mythological creatures walk the earth and a deranged, all powerful queen reigns.

Mira must take back her sister’s soul before the Queen can consume it. But her presence in this world has already changed everything.

For fantasy fans of deeply imagined worlds looking for a story with love and magic, this is the book for you. The series continues in ‘The Enigmatic Pearl’ and concludes with ‘The Flaming Ruby’.

New! Stuff! Published!

It’s been a while since we posted. We’ve been wildly busy.

In the meantime, there’s been a new novel published:

Notes on the Moon People:JPEG:850X1288Notes on the Moon People

Penelope is a lost cause. She’s over fifty and about to lose her job. She’s got no friends or family and has never taken a risk in her entire life. But one day she finds herself in another world. With a chance to change everything.

Can she summon up the courage to live?

A coming of age Fantasy for late bloomers.




And a new collection:

Aboard the Universe:850X1340:digital coverAboard the Universe

What if you could go on a cruise ship in space? Sailing through the multiverse in style. With a crew of aliens and humans, a cabin that accommodated your every need. Shore excursions on exotic planets. Fellow passengers from across the spectrum of sentient organisms. You could even live on the ship permanently if you wanted.

That’s the Universe. Where it’s always fun and glamorous

Unless you’re the crew. Trying to keep every demanding life form happy. There’s always a crisis brewing. The stories range from light and fluffy comedy to a wrestling match with profound questions.

Includes the stories: ‘The Memory of Water’, ‘The Emotions of the Non-Living’, ‘The Greening of the Universe’, ‘The Dilemma of Unrequited Love’ and ‘Ghost Hunting in the Galley’.


Hope you get a chance to pick them up and enjoy!

New Story Up!

We just published another Aboard the Universe story.

Ghost Hunting in the Galley:JPEG:850x1288


Ghost Hunting in the Galley

Howard, a Gassian crew member aboard a space-cruise ship, is up against a crucial deadline for putting together a Halloween entertainment. His hypercritical Mother and both Fathers are passengers on this leg of the trip. His confidence is crumbling. To make matters worse, there are terrorists aboard wreaking havoc. What else could possibly go wrong?

New Novel Up!

We’ve published a brand new novel by Linda Jordan

Falling Into Flight:850X1314:coverFalling Into Flight

In a world where polar ice caps are nearly melted and the big quake rocked the entire west coast of the U.S., New Seattle rises from the ashes. A series of islands, a community divided.

Angus grows living buildings, the first of their kind. But something’s gone terribly wrong.

Caer is an air dancer. The first human born with wings after decades of engineered humans. She’s expected to become the best of the best.

Then she meets Angus and all hell breaks loose. When love is all you’ve got left.