New! Stuff! Published!

It’s been a while since we posted. We’ve been wildly busy.

In the meantime, there’s been a new novel published:

Notes on the Moon People:JPEG:850X1288Notes on the Moon People

Penelope is a lost cause. She’s over fifty and about to lose her job. She’s got no friends or family and has never taken a risk in her entire life. But one day she finds herself in another world. With a chance to change everything.

Can she summon up the courage to live?

A coming of age Fantasy for late bloomers.




And a new collection:

Aboard the Universe:850X1340:digital coverAboard the Universe

What if you could go on a cruise ship in space? Sailing through the multiverse in style. With a crew of aliens and humans, a cabin that accommodated your every need. Shore excursions on exotic planets. Fellow passengers from across the spectrum of sentient organisms. You could even live on the ship permanently if you wanted.

That’s the Universe. Where it’s always fun and glamorous

Unless you’re the crew. Trying to keep every demanding life form happy. There’s always a crisis brewing. The stories range from light and fluffy comedy to a wrestling match with profound questions.

Includes the stories: ‘The Memory of Water’, ‘The Emotions of the Non-Living’, ‘The Greening of the Universe’, ‘The Dilemma of Unrequited Love’ and ‘Ghost Hunting in the Galley’.


Hope you get a chance to pick them up and enjoy!

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