The Black Opal ~ Free!

The Black Opal:JPEG:850X1314Hi all,

To get everyone in the holiday mood, we’ve decided to give away The Black Opal for free. So follow the links on this page to your favorite vendor:

Hope you enjoy it.

About the book:

Mira burns to control her own magic, but fails. Kicked out by her Aunt and mentor, she has returned home. Just in time to witness two unearthly black dogs steal her twin sister’s soul.

She chases them to another world, accompanied by her young nephew. The land of the Black Opal is a place where mythological creatures walk the earth and a deranged, all powerful queen reigns.

Mira must take back her sister’s soul before the Queen can consume it. But her presence in this world has already changed everything.

For fantasy fans of deeply imagined worlds looking for a story with love and magic, this is the book for you. The series continues in ‘The Enigmatic Pearl’ and concludes with ‘The Flaming Ruby’.

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